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When to Replace a HVAC System

When should you replace your heater or your air conditioning unit? When is it time for a new air conditioning installation? The expected lifespan of an ac unit is 10-15 years or 15-20 years for a heater. While age is important, it is only an average. A qualified ac service contractor can help you determine…Continue Reading

Stopping the Cold Leaks In your House

It is possible to have a fantastic heater, yet still waste heat as well as energy with heat loss. If there are cracks where heat could leave, or cold can go into a home, these are all places of squandered heat loss. It’ses a good idea to comb through your home trying to find these…Continue Reading

Preparing Pipes For Winter

With winter coming, it is time to prepare. In freezing weather, pipes can burst and cause flooding and water damage. Certain pipes are more likely to freeze than others. These are pipes that are in unheated parts of the house, exterior piping, and any plumbing that is outside the home. Because the whole plumbing system…Continue Reading


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